Nathans Home

The First Pictures

You'll see these on "E" someday.

To kick off my photo page, Grandma made a slideshow of me, Nathan G and my family complete with music!!!  It's a song by a famous Artist, John Lennon, called Beautiful Boy and Grandma thinks I am one!

Here is a picture of me at 2 days old.  I believe Auntie Gina took this one of me!  Everyone says I have lots of hair and that I look like my Dad.  Is that a good thing?


Even though a lot happened to me in the first week or so of my life, I'm skipping ahead to a whole 7 days old, so you can meet my parents.  Here I am with my Mama and Dad.  I love when they cuddle with me.  My Mom is so soft and I love listening to her talk to me.  My Dad's arms are so strong, it makes me feel safe.   Okay enough of the mushy stuff, on to what they did to me in the hospital.  I was very brave though and didn't even cry when they stuck me with needles.


This picture made some people sad.  All those wires were sure messy but they didn't hurt me at all!


Here's me getting a back massage from a HOT Nurse, not really, tee's an ultrasound of my spine.  I'm happy to say it was all good!  Cute bum, huh? 


Grandma likes this picture of me because you can see the LoDolce dimple in my chin.  My Great, Great, Grandma and my Great Grandma plus all ten of her brother's and sister's had this dimple in their chin.  Now, that's Italian!