Nathans Home

Hello there everyone!  In these baby pictures I'm a bit over 1 month old.  I'm growing bigger and stronger everyday.  I heard my Dad tell my Grandma that I now weigh 13lbs and I'm 22 inches tall.  I only weighed 6lbs when I was born so I think I'm getting pretty big.

Baby Nathan Geraghty picture

These is me Nathan on your left and my cousin, Mason on your right.  It is our Christening Day.

Nathan Geraghty Christening picture

That is my Dad and Mom watching me being Christened in Church.

Nathan's Uncle Chris

Here's me, Dad and Uncle Chris on my Christening Day.

Nathan Geraghty baby picture

Nathan Geraghty and John Geraghty

Me and my Dad!

Nathan Geraghty and John Geraghty

My Dad being a bit crazy!

Nathan and John Geraghty

Daddy giving me bunny ears!  I hear that payback is a ........

Nathan Geraghty and John Geraghty

Grandma says I'm just like my Dad when he was a baby.  She had to lay down with him for his nap.  I love when I get to sleep with my Dad.

Nathan and John Geraghty

Nathan Geraghty and Ana Walton

My beautiful Mom!

Nathan and Family

Their squisshing me!

Nathan Geraghty

Woa.....I'm floating!

Nathan Geraghty

Jenny Craig, here I come.....

Nathan Geraghty

I will look at my Mom and not think about me floating around in this ocean of water beneath me.........

Nathan Geraghty, baby picture

This is kinda like being Christened over and over again.