Nathans Home

The Adventures of Nathan Geraghty at 9 months old!


Here's me and my official 9 month old picture.  Everyone says, I'm so big.  I can now stand up by myself and move from the couch to the coffee table.  Woo...woo


Me, working the camera.  Guess what, I've got two teeth.  Ya can't see them cause I can't quite figure out how to keep this tongue in my mouth when I smile!  Maybe some top teeth will help?


What do ya think of this pose?  Grandma says it rivals Blue Steele!


This picture made my Grandma cry when Mommy sent it to her in an email.  I don't know why, I don't think it was scary at all!

love.bmpHappy Valentines Day, everyone!   Love you, Nathan G xxoo love.bmp