Nathans Home


Here I am at 7 months old, don't believe the year on the pictures or I'd be 177 years old.  So, I'm getting used to this snowsuit thing now, it's not so bad, if it means I get to go out to breakfast with Mom and Dad.


It's Electric!


Daddy giving me a lemon.  I love them believe it or not.


Wow look at that big tray of food making it's way over to my tummy!  Yeah!  Get in my belly....


Hey, what do you mean Breakfast is on Nathan.  I'm only 7 months old, besides I forgot my wallet.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


I don't know about this Santa Claus stuff yet, but I do know I love wrapping paper.  Hey Dad, how about putting some pants on before we open gifts next year.  Nice boxers, NOT!


I'm getting ready to tell everyone the story The Night Before Christmas in my best British accent.


Here's me, my Dad and my Mom at Nana's and Papa's for Christmas.  Look at all the wrapping paper.  Life is good.


Mason, how could you wear that thing, it's embarassing.  Here I'll take it off for ya, what are cousins for?


I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year...........PARTY!


I've gotta a hot date for New Years, gotta fly.


Isn't she pretty?  Yeah, so I'm a bit nervous.  This is my first crush.  Can't wait until midnight I'll have to crawl under the mistletoe, hope she follows me there.