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Hi everyone! Guess what?  I'm 5 months old now.

nathan geraghty football picture

My Grandma from Illinois and my Auntie took me to get my pictures taken today.  Can you tell who my familes favorite football team is?  Da Bearz.....

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Here's my 1st Round Draft Pick photo.  Yeah, I was happy but decided to skip this year, I'd miss my Mom and Dad.

nathan geraghty chicago bears picture

I'll always be a loyal fan, though.














Don't laugh at our pumpkin heads........


This is the love of my life, Mama.  She makes me smile.


My Dad cracks me up sometimes.  We're at a wedding, party, fiesta, forever, all night long......


I visited my Grandma in Mississippi for a few days.  It was Wolf Awareness Week.  I helped her give tours and run her gift shop at the Preserve.  She said she loved holding me.  I even got to sleep with her and Grandpa that night.  Grandma says I snore as loud as Grandpa.  We woke her up in the morning but we were still snoring away.  Look at the big Wolves behind me but I wasn't afraid one bit! 


This is the first time Grandpa Don got to meet me.  He had to stay home and take care of the Wolves and dogs when Grandma came to Wisconsin to see me.  Grandma says he loved meeting me.


This is My Mama, My Daddy kissing me at the Catfish place in Mississippi.


We were sure tired out from the long drive to Mississippi so we snuggled up in a Wolfie Blanket at Grandma's.


Breakfast at Grandma's.  This was the first time she saw me eating from a spoon and made such a big deal about!  I've gotten a little neater these days.


Here's me as Monkey Boy for my first Halloween.... Honestly, Mom, what where you thinking?  Give me some credit here!  I did like the tail, though, I could almost get it in my mouth.