Nathans Home

Hi everyone, it's Nathan and I'm 4 months old.  I'm officially off my medication because every Doctor I saw said I was healthy.  I'm much more awake now, probably too much for Mom and Dad.  They look pretty tired lately.  I think I may be getting some new teeth, cause sometimes it sure does hurt inside my mouth.  I now weigh over 17lbs at 4 months old.  I'm in the 70% percentile for height and the 90% for weight.  Look out Chicago Bears, here I come......

baby nathan chicago bears picture

nathan geraghty and his Mom picture

Here's a picture of me and my sore toothies.......this is another picture that my Grandma says looks like one she had of my Dad.

nathan teething picture

Here I am in the ring at the studio where Uncle Duke teaches.  He can't wait to get me in there for training.  Grandma is not happy about that.  She says she has had enough of "cauliflower ears" .  Grandma also says, Uncle Duke, if you start training me, I better wear a helmet or you'll answer to her.  She took kickboxing, you know!

future mma fighter picture

These next photos are of me at a birthday party for Skylar and Kyleigh.  It was so much fun.  My Mom and Dad let me try out everything.

nathan geraghty at birthday party picture

Oh, I loved this bouncy thing.  I was trying to climb up the ropes.  I have to practice for the Bears, ya know.


Where's the door?

nathan on the slide picture

Weeeeeeeeee.........down the slide and we're outta there!

Nathan Geraghty on the swing picture

Oh, I loved this, Grandma will you get me one?

nathan geraghty ponyride picture

Oh, I loved this horsie, Grandma.  Can I have one of those, too?

nathan geraghty picture

Yo.....Yo, Nathan G's in the house

nathan geraghty picture

Grandma says, I'm too cute in this picture!

nathan geraghty rolling over picture

Everyone gets pretty excited when I do this.  They say "Nathan's rolling over!"