Nathans Home

Hi everyone!  Wow, being 3 months old has certainly been exciting.  So many good things happened this month.  All of my tests from the Doctors have been coming back "Perfect".  I even am being weaned off of my medicine.  Yippee......

My Grandma from Mississippi came to visit me at the beginning of August all the way from Mississippi.  We had so much fun.  She brought me to lots of places that I'd never seen before.  We went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, shopping, Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie and out to eat a lot.  Uncle Duke met us for lunch everyday.  Grandma made this slideshow of me from her visit, called The Robe.  The music is from one of Uncle Duke's favorite Musicians, the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley.

Grandma also took a short video of a conversation we had.

This is Me and my Uncle Duke at the Shedd Aquarium.  I'm taking a nap with my Beluga Whale.  I feel so safe in my Uncle's arms.

baby nathan and uncle duke picture

This is me and my Grandma from Mississippi.  We were out with everyone eating Thai Food, well at least they were.  My turn is soon to come.

Nathan and Grandma Ferguson picture

I weighed in at 15lbs on my last Doctor's visit..........

nathan 15 lbs

My Grandma says, Daddy has a Baby Picture just like this one.....

towel head Nathan 

They actually let me have food, the real thing, this month.  Now, let's go back to Chili's you guys!

baby nathan eating

Oh, it's fun to squish in my hands

baby food.jpg

Table manners, who needs them, not me!


Me with Mom and Dad after too much partying.

nathan's family

Here I am with my cousin Mason at his Sister's b-day party.

nathan's cousin

I'm catching up to you, Mason

baby nathan's cousin

Mason had me in a "onesy" hold but Uncle Duke taught me how to counter it with a right to the jaw.

Nathan playing

This toy causes my circuits to overload.

nathan white sox fan

Dad, how can you let them dress me this way?

Nathan's Wolf Jacket

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  Uncle Duke, thanks for dressing me in my cool Wolf Jacket and boots from Grandpa.  (Jacket available for purchase at  Grandma, no need to thank me for the ad.

So, Uncle Duke talked Grandma into buying me a robe.  Why, I don't know ask him?  Everytime he sees me, he wants me to be wearing it.  If I'm not he makes me.  Dunno why????  These pictures are entitled, "The Robe".  This is for you Uncle Brian. xxoo

Nathan and the Robe

Nathan's robe and slippers

Everyone needs balance in their life's.

Nathan's chillin outfit

Next they're gonna want me to do Blue Steele..............

baby nathan swimming picture

So everything was pretty decent until Uncle Duke told my Dad to put my face under the water.............just wait, Uncle Duke, payback is a ........well, I can't say Grandma would be upset.

baby nathan and his dad in the pool