Nathans Home

nathan geraghty picture easter 2009

Happy Easter Everyone! xxoo

nathan up to no good picture

Daddy put something on these now and I can't crawl in

nathan spaghetti picture

I love pasketti.......Grandma says I'm her little dago!

nathan geraghty bath picture

Splish, Splash, I love taking a bath.

nathan geraghty walking picture

Yeah, that's right, I'm mobile.

nathan outside

Me big Chief, Nathan

nathan geraghty and mom picture

Me and Momma

nathan at aquarium

Meanwhile back at the Shedd Aquarium....

Nathan at the aquarium with Dad picture

Me and Dad looking at the fishies.

nathan geraghty photo

My parents do think they are funny, NOT!

Nathan geraghty walking picture

No sweat, I've got this walking thing down to a science.

nathan at party picture

Now what?

nathan geraghty picture

Walking brings so many new options into play........