Nathans Home

Hello everybody, it's Nathan G!  I've got some new pictures for you.  Hope you like em......

But First I have some jokes for you......

Mother: Why is there a strange baby in the crib?
Father: You told me to change the baby.

Nathan Geraghty laughing

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?
You rock-et.

Nathan baby picture 2 months old

Okay, one more........

What would you get if you crossed a new-born snake with a basketball?
A bouncing baby boa.

Nathan smiling

Baby Nathan and Mom

This is where I get my good looks from.........isn't she lovely?  Ahhh........Mama

Baby Nathan playing

So one day all of these wonderful creatures appeared in my room

Nathan playing with toys

I love these guys

Nathan in car seat

Well, I'm strapped to this darn seat again.  I don't really mind though cause it means I get to go out in the car.  Wonder if I'm going to see my cousins Madison and Mason.  I hope so.  See you later..........bye-bye

Nathan baby pictures

Here are some pictures that Auntie Ashley took of me when I was at her house.  I loved being with her.  I'm getting really big and Auntie Ashley thinks I'm looking more like my beautiful Mama now.

Nathan Geraghty picture

Nathan John Geraghty photo

Me being an angel!

Nathan Geraghty picture

Nathan Geraghty picture

Grandma says I have my Mama eyes, now.  I think Auntie Ashley thinks I'm looking more like Mama too.